Rujuta Diwekar – the flag bearer of Authentic Indian Food

Indian food has always been in discussion. Whether it is the taste of it or the ingredients used in it. The common miss conception that people have about Indian food is that it is unhealthy and high in cholesterol and can also induce diabetes however what most people don’t understand is that Indian authentic food is the perfect balance of nutrients and might be all that you need to maintain a good healthy body. A lot of people who are new to the fitness industry end up trying a fat diet which is harmful in the long run. These diets are usually the ones to Trigger starvation mode. Starvation mode is when our body has been hungry for too long and does not get the nutrients that it requires it ends up storing those calories instead of burning them. So if you aim to lose weight or become a healthy version of yourself with these fat diets when you’re probably on the wrong path. Rujuta Diwakar is a fitness professional and dietitian who gained popularity when she help Kareena Kapoor become zero sizes. It was extremely surprising for people in India to watch that transformation. But this is not the most unique thing about this dietitian. Rujuta Diwekar is popular for helping people become the healthy version of themselves without having to compromise on food and buy that we mean she will recommend you to go for it and
have the pain puri you wanted.

Rujuta Diwekar suggests that within 10-15 minutes of waking up, one should have something – it can either be fresh fruits or nuts. Mid-morning and breakfast times, according to Rujuta Diwekar are crucial to not cave into cravings. She suggests having a heavy Indian breakfast like the staples, poha, wada sambar, because honestly what better what to start a fulfilling morning? For lunch, she recommends the staple diet of the place you’re in. Include grains like Bajra and Jawar as well. According to Rujuta, instead of restricting yourself from the richness Indian authentic food has to offer, embrace it! Fitness should not feel like a punishment.


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