What has more satiety? Fast food vs Indian

What has more satiety? Fast food vs Indian Fast foods have taken over our generation like a storm. We are always in a rush, we always want convenient and inexpensive food – fast food seems to be the most optimal option.

But is it? Even when you eat fast food, you might feel slightly full for some time however the satiety quickly subsides.

This has a reason behind it. The satisfaction one gets from food, is very much correlated to nutrients. In fast food, the caloric value is very high however the nutrient content concerning the volume of the fast food is very low, hence the low satiety.

Does Indian food have a higher satisfaction level? Indian food on the other hand is also incredibly popular and is known for its taste. However, there are several reasons why you might feel like chole kulche jaisa kuch nai hai! That is, it seems to have a higher satiety level.

Indian food is known for its diversity, however traditional Indian food, authentically made is full of nutrients and is a complete meal in itself. It is known to promote immunity and even benefit brain functions. Indian foods have a variety of spices, and grains and are a mixture of dals as well. This brings out a balance of nutrients. Authentic Indian food is also very much relies on the concept of making food out of vegetables and fruits of the season which in turn makes it healthier.

Higher the nutrients as per volume of the good, higher the satiety level, the feeling of fullness. Fast food maybe just isn’t fast enough.


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